Discover Versatility, Discover Yourself. 
Experience fashion to unleash the versatility of enduring style and individual design.
Anna Parin’s creations stand out with a touch of movement, sensuality and ease, to emphasize the natural beauty of the woman and empower her to flourish amidst a fast moving culture.

We are dedicated to offering a carefully curated range of pieces, which embody  a modern, elegant aesthetic in a dynamic and refined design, crafted to to become key pieces in the wardrobe and to decelerate fast-living fashion.

The first collection of Anna Parin is called "L’Assimilation".

The seasons intertwine into one holistic collection, undated.

It is about, deceleration, self reflection and carving a path for the transformation of self and back to it‘s nature. It is an assimilation of the individual and time.

"There is a large room, full of people every kind. - Spotlight on.

You're turning in circles, following the rythme of the environment, playing the role you choose, afraid of missing something.

But the only thing you're missing, is yourself."

As a start-off and realization of our vision, under Parin we came up with a new product series of variable classics. 

We called the line "Shapeshifters", inspired by the greek mythology.

The first Shapeshifter, PARIN 01 - the little 01 -  is a reformation, a further development of the little black dress.

The Shapeshifters are designed to accompany a woman with a sense of ease, self-confidence and constancy in her individual style and changing occasions in her daily life. 

Believing that it influences our daily mindset what enfolds on our body, the materials are meticulously sourced and selected for their quality, exclusivity and feeling on the skin. We prioritize environmentally certified fabrics, recycled or natural fibers, and repurposed dead stock materials. 

All designed products distinguish high craftsmanship and attention for detail.
They are hand made and produced in Germany.
With the endeavor to establish a variable dynamic fashion brand, adjusted to the zeitgeist, individual needs, recourses and environment, we produce in mainly limited editions, private order on request and selected pieces in quantities.

To counteract the disposable behavior in the fashion industry, we do not support the regular season sales.

Anna Parin is a luxury women‘s brand, established 2023.